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9522tp SatTrack Satellite Phone WITH GPS TRACKING

Brochure (pdf document 132 KB)

The 9522tp is a satellite tracking phone, with an integrated GPS, designed for use with the Iridium satellite network. It can be used as a standalone unit relying on the built-in microcontroller and GPS for automatic tracking operation, or it can be used with a PC for making internet/data calls. The 9522tp allows the operator to be continuously in a voice call while the unit sends out GPS position reports. The unit can send GPS position fixes at a pre- programmed interval from once every 7 seconds to once every 45 days. The interval can be changed remotely while the unit is in the field. GPS data is sent via either SMS or SBD (short burst data). The unit automatically switches between tracking mode and normal modem mode. When an attached computer makes a data call, the unit switches out of tracking mode and functions as a standard modem.

Hosted Tracking solutions

Two hosted solutions are available for an additional monthly fee to enable fully managed online position tracking. There is a personal "Blog" style tracking system which is most suitable for individuals. There is also a fleet orientated system which is more suitable for managing multiple vessels which need more advanced access controls, fleet monitoring functions and automatic alerts.

Screenshot of tracking system


Complete global coverage
Rugged water resistant design
Uses maintenance free marine antenna
Light, compact and robust. Much smaller than alternative fixed install units
Cabling and base unit can be hidden out of sight behind bulkhead with only handset on display
Straightforward to install - wall mountable
Built-in computer datakit. Computer can be connected directly (requires serial port or supported USB adaptor)
internet and email access
SMS messaging capability
Iridium call costs from just 60p/min
Integrated GPS and microprocessor allows regular automated position reports to be transmitted PLUS: unit can be "pinged" remotely to send an instant fix on demand

12/24VDC (Optional AC Adaptor available)

4W during communication or 0.5W on stand by

1616 to 1626.5 MHz

W 96mm x H 140mm

Weight: 0.2Kg

W 83mm x H 196mm x D 40mm

Weight: 0.7Kg

W 55mm x H 161mm x D 26mm

Weight: 0.2Kg

4x16 alphanumeric, 32 digits, multiple languages, clock, ringing tones, IDD key, call forward, voicemail, SMS (160 characters).

Aluminium/EMI shielding

- 4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)

< 75% RH

-40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)

< 93% RH

Tough base unit, DPL Handset, DC Adaptor, Marinised External antenna + mounting bracket, GPS antenna and user manual.


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