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Skanti Maritime Antenna
Suitable for external use in either marine or fixed applications. Fully sealed marinised antenna with no moving parts. Requires separate pole mount assembly.

Passive Antenna
A rugged passive Iridium antenna designed to operate in harsh environments. The base is milled from aluminium and hard anodised giving an attractive green finish, which is mechanically resilient and resistant to corrosion.

Active Antenna
Designed for harsh environments, the AD510-10 consists of two RHCP dipole antennae housed within 4mm thick GRP radomes mounted on a common base. One antenna is for signal transmission and one for reception.

Antenna Portable Auxiliary with 5 feet cable
Magnetic mount, pocket-sized antenna travels with you from car to car, providing improved reception. Must have large metallic surface to mount antenna (40 inches square).

Mobile Magnet Mount Antenna with 5 metre cable
Uses Magnetic mounts to secure antenna to large metallic surface such as a vehicle rooftop. (requires 40 inches square metallic surface).

Antenna Adaptor
Required for connection to all external antenna options. Must be rotated to an upright position when fitted.

Data Interface Kit
Using your computer and an Iridium satellite phone, you can connect to the Internet or a corporate network from virtually anywhere in the world, allowing you to browse the web, send and receive email and transfer files.

RS232 Data Adapter
Allows for connection between the SS9500 or SS9505 handset and a PC to give data transfer capability. Handset must be data ready. Kit includes adapter, connecting lead, handset stand, licence software and neoprene carry case.

AC Travel Charger with International Plug Kit
Power source when on the move. Comes complete with 4 international plug type adaptors for use in most countries. Charges battery in approximately 2 hours.

DC charger (cigar lighter adaptor)
Power source for in vehicle use that charges battery in approximately 2 hours

Battery Options
Standard battery gives talk time of 2 hours and 20 hours standby. High Capacity battery gives talk time of 3.2 hours and 30 hours standby.

Leather Case
Available for both the Iridium SS9500 and the SS9505

Flexible Cable Tails 0.5m RG223 Cable term. FEM NTYPE / Male NTYPE
0.5m RG223 Cable term. FEM NTYPE / Male TNCTYPE

10m Cable Male N Connectors both ends
15m Cable Male N Connectors both ends
20m Cable Male N Connectors both ends
25m Cable Male N Connectors both ends

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